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Baja SAE

Baja SAE is an engineering design competition where students from across the world compete to build the best single-seat off-road race car. My team, Blue Jay Racing, placed 6th out of 200+ teams internationally in the 2023 season.

I have been integrating into the team by manufacturing parts and doing various other vehicle maintenance and team management tasks. The team has taught me innumerable engineering skills, and has exposed me to rigorous engineering processes. I've learned the to machine using the mill, lathe, amd wire EDM, and other making processes such as carbon fibre layup and MIG welding. In summer 2024 I will start designing components for the upcoming JH21XT.

Here are some of the parts that I have made:

Photo of carbon fiber hood Photo of aluminum engine rails Photo of steel gear with internal spline Photo of steel disk with keyway cutout Photo of brass cubes with chamfered corners

And here are some photos of the team and vehicles:

Photo of a Baja SAE vehicle driving off road
Me driving JH18XT in competition.
JH19XT in competition.
Team photo.

Last updated on 2024-01-18