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Some project ideas that I don’t have the time and/or skill to complete, however would love to see come to fruition.

SystemD DistroD

A Linux distribution which uses as many parts of the SystemD software suite as possible, creating a fully integrated environment. SystemD init, boot, networkd, all of it.

More Quassel UIs

A WeeChat extension or independent terminal UI for Quassel IRC. Quassel is really great, but only has a Qt interface for the desktop. It would be nice to have a way of using it from the console. Likewise, an Emacs interface would be nice as well (see weechat.el).

Reverse Pywal

Pywal is a really nice tool for generating color schemes from wallpapers, but what about the other way around? A tool for finding images on Unsplash (or any other image source) based on your current terminal color scheme would be pretty cool!

Keyboard-oriented web browser built around Gecko

I love the convenience of keyboard-oriented and extensible web browsers like QuteBrowser, however it uses QtWebEngine (Chromium) as a backend and does not support WebExtensions. I compromise by using the Vimium extension within Firefox, which lets me have some of the conveniences of both Firefox and Qutebrowser. Vimium (and any other Vim-emulation browser extension) is limited in its scope though, and can’t work on browser-specific pages, the main UI, et cetera. I propose a browser with similar intentions as QuteBrowser built from a fork of Firefox, redoing the frontend with full Vim keybinding support, but keeping support with existing Firefox extensions, and using the non-Google Gecko engine. Unfortunately, Mozilla removed the ability to embed Gecko into other programs easily, so a fork of Firefox is the only way to do this.


A fork of the kiss package manager that can read dependencies from Pacman, making it easier to use on Arch Linux and derivatives.

Privacy respecting gDrive frontend

A proxy for downloading files hosted on gDrive, similar to nitter, teddit, etc.