Armaan Bhojwani

Favorite Software

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This is a running list of some of my favorite software in alphabetical order. Everything on this list I would recommend for you to use, and would be happy to answer questions about. The name provided is their Arch Linux/AUR package name. Names with an asterisk are not packaged for Arch.

software description
alacritty terminal emulator
amfora Gemini browser
atool archive utility
devour devour windows
emacs lisp interpreter
exa better ls
firefox the best non-Chromium browser
flameshot very useful screenshot utility
fzf fuzzy finding
hugo static site generator
kiss* simple package manager
pandoc document conversion
spectrwm window manager with sane defaults
timeshift btrfs snapshots
xcape tap and hold keys to do different things
youtube-dl video downloader
zathura document viewer
zsh extensible (but bloated) shell