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You might notice that this isn’t a blog. I purposefully present these pages in alphabetical order, as the date published bears little significance on their content, and all pages on this website are a continual work in progress. Each page is marked with the date last modified, as well as a link to the Git history. Eventually as this site grows, I may present it as a tree, or in some other slightly more organized fashion.

Using the search bar on this page does not require Javascript or sending your data off of as it is entirely server side, and will direct you to the YaCy instance running on Never trust search bars on websites, most of them will send you to Google or require running nonfree Javascript!

An RSS feed of these pages is available at /feed, and an XML format of this page is available at /sitemap.xml.

A Better Date Format
A Doas That Insults You
About This Website
Custom Keymap
Favorite Software
Homepage (Latin)
Living Without a Bar
Minecraft Modpack
Project Ideas
System Configuration
The Small Internet
Window Managers

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