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Interested in what I'm working on right now? I put updates on my finger.

Notable projects of mine include my fork of OpenDoas that insults you, a pong game, and a GNU-free operating system built on KISS. I also have a habit of forking and hacking on a lot of software that I use, such as chorizo, and many pieces of software from suckless.org

As I slowly move from Git to RCS, the best place to get copies of my projects is the software/ subdirectory of ftp.armaanb.net (over http, https, or ftp). I upload regular snapshots of my work there with RCS history, as well as release tarballs.

I've also created a number of websites using a variety of technologies for various groups, such as my school's Model UN conference, The Common Forum (a student run political forum), and the one that you are on right now!