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I'm an undergrad studying mechanical engineering at Johns Hopkins, with particular interest in the aerospace and automotive fields.

I'm a maker at heart, having hands-on experience ranging from hobbyist woodworking to composites for naval applications to precision machining race-car parts, and also have extensive experience with software and electronics.

I also love sailing, languages, and the outdoors.

I am best contacted via the email address


Baja SAE (2023-2024)
Off-road race car design team.
PCB Watch (2024)
Custom PCB-only wrist watch.
ARC BOT (2023)
Zipline design competition entrant.
Differential Privacy (2023)
Analyzing and demonstrating various differential privacy methods.
Schlieren Photography (2022)
Photographs of fluid flow.
Mechanical Keyboards (2017-2022)
Custom mechanical keyboards.
norepinephrine_wm (2021)
Modeling the Effects of Norepinephrine Concentration on Working Memory in the Prefrontal Cortex with a1 and a2 Receptors.

My software projects are browsable on my Git server.


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